About Us

Jane Murphy has been keeping hens and raising chicks for as long as she can remember.

Small-scale breeding

All our 'growers' are raised from day-old chicks in small flocks of up to 20 birds. Hens are social creatures by nature so you will never find just one or two chicks at Hoppingstones Hens being raised in isolation. All youngsters are outdoor-reared once they are 'off heat'.

Hoppingstones Hens is strictly a small-scale set-up supplying a few hens at a time to homely, family-based set-ups. Care is taken to ensure your hens are friendly, sociable birds, happy to potter around in your garden, backyard or even your allotment.


A good range of housing is also available from Hoppingstones Hens. The housing is made locally and is available at very affordable prices.

Jane is happy to supply you with either hens or housing, or can offer you a complete bundle that provides everything you need to set up some happy hens in you chosen spot.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look around and start looking forward to fresh daily eggs from your very own hens!

free range...

...in the truest possible
sense of the word, these
ladies come and go
entirely at their leisure!