Hoppingstones Hens is delighted to welcome you today to our website, where you will find all the latest information on our hens for sale in Clevancy near Calne, Wiltshire.

Set in a tiny hamlet in rural North Wiltshire, we rear a selection of breeds all aimed at the small-holder or garden hen-keeper. By raising our hens in small numbers per breed, our ladies are all well-mannered and very familiar with a family setting.

Keeping a few hens in the back garden is one of life's simplest pleasures, and for only a modest outlay you can experience the delights of fresh eggs each morning! So, take a look around and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Latest Photos. . .

From time to time our new owners very kindly send us one or two photos of our ladies in their new homes.

Click here to see them for yourself!

Breeds currently available...

Breeds of hen we like to stock include Fenton Rose, Super Black, Copper Black, Light Sussex, Hoppingstones Ranger, Blue Belle, Amber Star, Columbian Blacktail, Copper Star, Cherry Maran, Silver Sussex and Speckledy. You can read a little more about each of these lovely ladies on our 'Hens' page.

Happy free-ranging!

Hoppingstones Hens...

Set in a tiny
hamlet of Clevancy, Calne
deep in rural Wiltshire,
Hoppingstones Hens
offers you a selection
of breeds suitable
for the small-holder or
or garden hen-keeper!


drop by to pay a visit Saturdays/Sundays

after 2pm

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07936 365 204


We will have Fenton Rose and Superblacks available from the end of May. First come first served.

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We have two new breeds on offer from Hoppingstones Hens.



Both of these breeds are available in the South West EXCLUSIVELY from us!

Prices for these new beauties start from £20.

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to avoid disappointment!


07936 365 204


A perfect gift for your favourite garden-hen-keeper!

We now offer Gift Vouchers starting from £25 for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas...

or just to say "Thank You" :)

Order yours today...


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